Bike vacations among art and nature


Our tours do not require any particular training. They are designed for everyone, adults and children. Don’t be afraid to bring your children with you on your bike. It will be a new and unique experience for a family vacation, since we believe that bike rides do not need to be work, but a way to visit, in a relaxing way, what we have around us. You can decide your speed, without haste, in order to catch the spirit and the details of the scenery around you, releasing the stress of everyday life.
Don’t forget to pack your camera….and lots of happiness!

We started our tours in the Comacchio valley, and due to the high satisfaction of the participants, we have decided to enlarge our offer this year. We have added tourist itineraries to be completed by bike.

Our starting point was to create itineraries in close contact with nature and art. Tours that were centered on our territory, but at the same time, tours involve the surrounding areas which are particularly rich of art, history and exciting bike trails — we have created them with the hope to satisfy the requests of the bike tourist, both Italian and non.

The itineraries, all studied, tested and  mapped personally by our staff, have the goal to discover the potential of the bike ride, which completely respects the environment. They are splendid cultural tours submersed in nature.

The itineraries are structured in order to ensure that the real time spent pedaling is never more than 5 hours, in order to allow for rest and the possibility to visit the destinations. We have prepared tours that use predominantly paved bike trails, or in alternative, secondary roads where traffic is very limited.